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11 March 2013 @ 12:05 am
Fanfic: Diving into the Wreck (NaruSasu, WIP): 01  
Title: Diving into the Wreck (01/?)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naru/Sasu (main)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life (AU)
Rated: M
Summary: Sasuke was a little bit damaged; Naruto was a sucker for that.

A/N: It's been over a year since I've written any fanfiction, and I missed it so much that I just had to write something again. I usually write under this pen name at Livejournal, but DW is awesome for formatting my excessively long, yaoi-injected works. I hope that this is enjoyable, and that I'm not too rusty. Credit goes to 000-hester-000 for coming up with the brill idea of Sasuke being able to really hold his Everclear. You go hester!

(Oh yeah, and I know it's a freaking AU. Give me a break, this is freaking hard for me. I am way too attached to my AU's. Specifically my Japanese life in San Fran AU. ;-;. Sigh...)

:::: 01 :::::

The apartment was in bad shape. A lot of shit was scattered everywhere and he didn't expect that of him. But it didn't change the fact that Sasuke ended up being a spectacularly good lay, one of the best he'd had in a while.

The fact that he was four years older made things seem kind of weird since this sort of age difference thing, it had never really come up before for him. Although, Naruto couldn't really complain - was there reason to? He noticed it when he looked at his driver's license at the bar: 27 years old. It was a weird age, that one of in-betweens. Almost thirty, and here came with it everything you didn't want to happen, right around the corner - Sasuke said something like that.

"S'pposed to be when you have your Saturn return, age 27. You know how it goes." No, Naruto really didn't. But he listened anyway, and wanted to be interested. Sasuke had seemed a little like a geek when he walked in, with a really formal suit on and the tie sort of messed up, but he was way more relaxed when he was tipsy - Naruto had no idea what he was talking about, since he wasn't into astronomy or astrology or that kind of thing. He wasn't too different from a lot of the guys that came in throughout the week, haggard business and salesmen who needed a little break. But he looked startlingly young, and he was more than just 'good looking', the same-old same-old. He was a pretty striking guy.

As he loosened up a little, Sasuke got to talking a lot about space, and then something about the biology of earthquakes and a bunch of other bizarrely random topics when he'd had at least six shots of Everclear mixed with his drinks over the next hour and a half. He really liked the Everclear, tolerated it well - how quirky. (Cute.) He even seemed pretty smart even when he was half-drunk, which worked out perfectly. Naruto found himself attracted way too often to his opposites - those hardcore intellectual types. He couldn't really explain it, but maybe he was looking for someone to pick up the slack (seeing as he'd left college recently with a 2.4 GPA).

He thought about the whole Everclear thing - he really couldn't get over that. Why that liquor, anyway? It seemed pretty gross.  When he'd first come in, he'd sat down right away, looking a little pensive. When Naruto walked over, the first thing he said was: "Do you make Black Sundays here?"

Really, he should've said: Um, dude, seriously -- we don't want you passed out puking on our floor. Since technically, Naruto wasn't even supposed to let customers consume anything with a lot of Everclear, since it was basically classified as 'the really freaking strong stuff' on the cheat sheet with all the proofs underneath the bar. But then again, Sasuke had seemed a little tense when he'd come in, and they weren't really supposed to ever turn business away. (Plus, letting a guy like that go without at least getting his number had seemed like a pretty bad waste.)

Naruto originally wanted to warn him about how strong it was, but was surprised when Sasuke asked for his second drink without being close smashed after downing his first in half an hour. An unexpected pro, huh? He could hold his liquor - Naruto kind of liked that. So he decided to just let it go, sit back, and watch. But watch carefully.

When he got off a little early that night, Naruto had decided to stick around and try a little himself. He wasn't big on stronger drinks like that despite being a bartender, but he was feeling a little adventurous and in more ways than one. Underneath the privacy of the bar, he felt Sasuke run a hand against his leg just a little too close to his crotch. The liquor had made his stomach comfortably warm, and his head was warm, too; it was difficult to think, but he definitely thought about that, glancing at Sasuke out of the corner of his eye.

So he really was interested. That was all it had taken, really. Naruto made up his mind then and there - my place, or yours? He whispered it, giddy with this over an over the top secrecy, hand cupped against his mouth near Sasuke's ear even though the other bartender was rinsing off some dishes and no one else was around. Really, Naruto liked a little risk taking now and again -- since sometimes first dates and all that stuff, it was just a pain anyway. Not as much fun.

Close to one-thirty the morning, they were heading back to Sasuke's apartment in a cab through the streets of Inner Richmond. Outside his place, Naruto couldn't help but press himself against Sasuke's body, even if someone had been around to look. Sasuke was really warm, despite seeming kind of small. It made it sort of difficult for him to put the key in the lock, which it made Naruto laugh a little against his neck while he kissed him there. When he was drunk, just about everything was too funny.

In the end Sasuke was anything but a geek, based on the way he gave fellatio. The blow job, it made sensations run through Naruto's body that were just short of electrifying, the Everclear making his head thick and pleasantly detached. He could kind of see why Sasuke liked this. It made everything straight-edged and really fucking good, but sloppy and almost surreal all at the same time.

How long had it been, six months, six and a half? He'd messed around a little with two girls since then, but it had been way too vanilla. Only a guy, Naruto had come to figure out, really knew what another guy wanted. Knew how to make him forget about work, the extra shift he was going to take this upcoming Tuesday night, the rejection letter from college. Naruto used to feel just a little bad about it, but with Sasuke's head between his legs feeling bad about his sexuality was the last thing on his mind. Everything sort of trickled away each time Sasuke worked at his cock, so it was totally fine. It was just -- the best thing ever. (It always seemed so, in the moment - too bad it didn't last longer).

"Are - you like - the master of oral sex, or something?" Naruto had managed half-kiddingly, though he was unable to feel totally humorous when he was getting so close. He was making these little inevitable noises while he was trying to hold to keep from coming too quickly, which was a little embarrassing. But with the way Sasuke was deep throating him and making his hips jerk involuntarily, it made it easier to feel less inhibited. He hadn't been able to say answer, of course; but Naruto doubted he would have agreed or disagreed, or even seemed flattered if he could've talked at all. Nevertheless, Naruto was coming hard in just four or five minutes, legs shaking and his toes going numb, static filling his head, body going slack. He had seriously missed this.

So they messed around for real after that. And it was good - really good, despite the haze that the booze put over Naruto's head and Sasuke's, too. At some point they'd passed out after they'd gotten really tired, but naturally Naruto couldn't really remember when.

The next morning, Naruto woke up to find Sasuke already half-dressed by eight, looking impossibly put together from having been so out of it - and from the way his head ached with fatigue along with the beginnings of a hangover, Naruto guessed that they'd fallen asleep way too late. More pressing was the sudden realization that Sasuke had really let Naruto come into his apartment last night, sleep over with him and have a few mind-blowing fucks, and then - he left before he did? It wasn't really reject material or anything like that; he'd just hoped that they could maybe fool around a little before breakfast or something. It was really too bad.

Sasuke walked over to the bed, grabbed a necktie out of his the bureau drawer. It slammed open and - yeah, it was uncomfortably loud...yikes. Naruto looked up from the pillow, rubbing his eyes a little. He noticed the tie fish printed all over it - tiny salmon swimming upstream against the blue.

"Have work. Late." Ah, yeah. So it was actually a week day. For some reason, he had it formulated in his brain that it was Saturday already (which was way too good to be true). Being a bartender was beginning to mess with his head - the really late nights and all of that, it was sort of taking a toll on him. If it was possible, he guessed that the job was making him stupider. But still, Naruto almost wished he could've at least...slept through this whole thing. The early morning exit and not really knowing whether to just keep lying there or try to cover his ass with a pillow or something while he rooted around the mess on the floor for his underwear. It was dangerously close to taking them flying off of a cliff towards the Awkward Valley of No Return.

Then again, wasn't this just a one-time thing? He guessed it didn't really matter, much.

Now that Naruto woke up a little (and transitioned from groggy corpse to the plastered living), he noticed that Sasuke actually seemed pretty freaked. His eyes were jumping all over the place, like he was a little manic. Seemed like he couldn't find something, but Naruto wasn't really sure how to help with such a massive, ass-kicking hangover making his head feel like it was going to implode.

So, he managed to give Sasuke a kiss before he headed out - even though he didn't usually go that kind of way with a one-night stand, he figured, why not? It had been really good last night. Maybe it would brighten the morning for him, something like that. It was all in good jest, and it wasn't hard to sneak one in when he was grabbing something off the floor (looked like a pager or a blackberry, probably what he'd been rooting around for).

It tasted just a little too much like stale Everclear. And Naruto didn't mind too much that he was probably tasting his own cum either. The idea of it would have usually grossed him out a little bit, but this time it wasn't as bad. Maybe because the liquor masked it, but he didn't care too much.

The door clicked shut while Naruto gave out a slurred sigh and half-question, "You never told me more about your... whatever return." No answer.


Like he expected it to be, the bar was pret-ty damn dead for a Tuesday.

Actually, someone way, way up there in that great, heavenly oasis of cloud and sky must have really felt like screwing with his head, because there was an even worse turnout typical for an early week night. He wasn't even technically supposed to be here tonight, but he'd ended up stuck with one of the crappiest nights to work.

The usual drunks that managed to slink in from the cracks in the woodwork hadn't shown up. Some greasy dude and a slim guy with a brief case he'd never seen before were sitting at least twelve seats apart at the long stretch of bar. It was pretty inconvenient having to go back and forth between them to take orders, but they didn't seem to be the most...sociable of guys. He couldn't really picture them palling around or striking up conversation.

Naruto could feel an avalanche of a headache coming on. It was pretty remarkable that he'd even let himself work at a karaoke bar of all places to begin with after he left school last semester. Especially Sakesan, considering the fact that a lot of customers there got really wasted and thought it was hilarious to slobber around on the mic on stage, and sing for way longer than they should've been allowed. His boss, Manny, he didn't usually didn't kick anyone off the stage unless they were getting really wild, or taking too much time - that was what killed Naruto the most. It was easier when families came in, but most of the time guys would come in with their dates, and they loved to get them up there and have them sing these cutesy pop songs. It was pretty bad.

Lately business had pretty much sucked, and he'd yet to see someone really good come in here and take the load off of him for a while by singing something good. He knew Slim and greasy boy weren't going to humor him for a while either. But most of the time customers went straight for the Britney or Eminem every single night anyway, at least once, which was pretty much making his work life spiral quickly into nothing short of the horrors of a Junji Ito manga...so maybe it was good that they were just keeping quiet. Three months at this place, and it still hadn't gotten all all that much easier.

After a nice, boring half hour of service, Slim left without leaving a tip as a thoughtful farewell; greasy boy went shortly thereafter, but left some spare change. Naruto snorted and shoved all fifty cents into the tip jar. How gracious of him.

It wasn't hard to think about the rejection letter again: Dear Mr. Uzumaki: Although we are happy that you applied, we regret to inform you that that San Fransisco State University will not be able to accept your application for our Spring enrollment this upcoming semester; please look into opportunities with us in the future, widen your horizons next year - all of that good stuff. It was just fluff that masked the fact that he wasn't going to get out of this awful job any time soon.

His life basically felt like it was at a standstill...because it actually was. To say that it kind of sucked wasn't strong enough, actually. Naruto could just hear his mother's voice in his ears: if you leave, you'll never go back. Figured she was actually right, in a way.

It was almost a half hour to midnight, which meant less than two hours to closing, but he'd been there since six and the wait felt like an eternity. Naruto spent some time cleaning and re-cleaning shot glasses, then rearranging drink menu specials before deciding there was really no point in putting forth any more effort at doing anything for the rest of the night. His boss was busy anyway, enough to ignore him for a few minutes at least, judging by the screaming behind his office door in the back. Somebody probably screwed up the stock again, which was happening a lot lately.

Naruto sighed loudly, reclining back in one of the more comfortable sofas by the lounge area. The strobe lights were way too bright in here. He wished he could fix himself a drink, since he really deserved it for covering yet again for that asshole Teru-so-and-so, or whoever he was tonight. Seriously...

He pulled out his iPhone, hoping it would numb a little of his mental anguish, or at least his overwhelming boredom for a couple of minutes. He was thinking maybe some jail breaker or a round of space ninja, but then again Shikamaru had always told him those kinds of things usually make your brain turn to mush -

The text was pretty clear in its entirety. The number, Naruto recognized only a few seconds after it came up on his phone. One new message, from...588-something. Huh.

He'd seen it only once, scribbled down drunkly onto one of the bar's napkins now shoved in the back pocket of his jeans, buried deep somewhere in a pile of laundry back at home. But something just connected in his head - Naruto got it right away. (Sasuke...? Seriously...?) Maybe he wasn't as stupid as he thought, if he could remember that. It was the message he saw next that made something clutch at his throat and feel more than a little sick.

Had a good time last thursday. Am going to kill self, sorry. Wish we had talked since then. (And then, as if an afterthought just before the message got sent-)

You were nice.