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11 July 2011 @ 01:23 am
Oneshot: Sasu/Saku: "The Garden Path"  
Title: The Garden Path
Summary: They met in the empty classroom - a prey leading on her predator, and all those people out there, looking at all the projects so blissfully unaware. It was sickening. Too sickening for her, Sakura had her limits too, didn't she?
Disclaimer: I don't own, woefully.
Theme: Chance meetings
Prompt: Satisfaction
Rating: Low M
Warning(s): Relations in a classroom. Naughty angst.
Comments: There are such things as school history festivals, and yes, they're painfully unnerving, often boring. Although they don't usually include some not so friendly competition, through scholarly - and sexual - activities. I'm behind due to RL drama. One of my last AU entries, I think. Thanks to those who comment!

At the history festival, Sakura hadn’t expected to see his exhibit there - but it wasn’t surprising that he would do something like this. Standard overachiever. Entering contests here and there, because it seemed right, good for the transcripts, she guessed (though, wasn’t that how it was for all of them?). Just too appropriate - but strangely, Sasuke was still unpredictable to her.

His posterboard project was on Samuel Mudd. Controversial. How very fitting.

Sakura looked at the paper in her hands. Soon she was supposed to go into that room, that little room in the corner, shade down, letting in no light, and read it to Them. The judges.

Just words, on a paper. She’d thought about it, of course she had - it was the broadest theme yet, ‘Influential figures who changed history’, something along those lines - though there was still something so hollow about it. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

When they’d come to the campus where it was being held, this little competition, just like all the other competitions - the essay competition, the poetry competition, the dance competition even, although that had been a considerably long time ago - Sakura wasn’t wracked with nerves. She felt herself set apart from the others - from the other students who’d entered in her grade, as they all sat in the third floor hallway waiting to be judged. Judged on a paper, a posterboard, a video, a little act complete with props and dialogue. They'd even put on a real show, like their futures depended on it. It almost made her scoff, for some reason.

Sakura had wandered away - it was taking too long. She was fidgety, couldn’t sit still.

Maybe it was the nerves, just maybe. 

Her mother had disappeared, to her convenience; said something about going to look at the other exhibits, because Sakura knew her mother was the one who was truly anxious, she wanted her daughter to win more than ANYTHING, she couldn’t stop saying it all playfully, all filled to the brim with anticipation on the car ride there. Her mother just couldn’t help herself from saying it, again and again, squeezing Sakura’s knee and smiling - Oh I hope you win Sakura, you do your best, I’d love it if you won, wouldn’t that be wonderful? - while some strange tension lingered, and Sakura felt detached.

God, wasn’t this all some big waste of time. What a grand epiphany.

Sakura traipsed down the stairwell. On the second floor were the senior projects. She traced the banister with her thumb, looked idly out the window. Wouldn't it be nice to hide down here, never go back up. It would just be a slip of the memory, due to a good case of The Nerves, she just couldn't face the judging, it was just too much...!

She clicked open the door. Shut it gently behind her.

Then, she saw Sasuke beside his excruciatingly perfect display with the other seniors, standing there all idle, and when he caught her eye she didn't even bother to look away.

What the hell are you doing here? Sakura asked him this silently. She didn't need to go and confront him verbally. Her fist clenched and unclenched at her side; his eyes seemed to glitter, it made her blood boil. He hadn't told her about this.

This isn't exclusive to you. Sakura almost wished him dead. He looked shameless 

(Who picked Samuel Mudd for their presentation, anyway?)

She turned around slowly. Grit her back teeth, grit away a smile. Where did that smile even come from? Now real anxiety was teeming beneath her skin, bubbling, bubbling. Sakura could sense it there. Her heart was close to thumping hard, once, twice, that familiar beat, a nervous palpitation. A thrill.

She turned down the nearest hallway, to her left. No crowds were there, no exhibits either, no people walking around opening their mouths so gaudily, no oohing or aahing so pathetically. Down another hall, a shorter hall to her right, it was really very vacant there - the sunlight barely coming in, one window at the end giving off this fragile pool of light, there was no heat, no presence, nobody.

Only two minutes later and Sasuke was there. Dragging Sakura in through the open door to a classroom, the empty classroom near where she stood. Maybe, just maybe Sakura had inspected it already before he'd come.

"What are you--" A smash of lips against hers, interrupting her, he was selfish. Sakura pushed him back, a firm hand against her sternum, unusually sharp around the edges - had he lost weight or something? A little smile tugged up her mouth, now slightly wet, she looked dashing. "Doing here...? Always let a girl finish her sentences."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. She could tell he was almost amused. But not quite. "Come on," he was muttering tersely; she could tell Sasuke was tense, too tense. A hand on the back of her thigh, he was pushing her forward; her playful manner faded away.  

"Yeah, well - look, I really don't want to...you know...." Didn't she want to? It was plainly obvious why they had come. The prey had started the chase, led her predator up the path, the garden path...?

No, no, Sasuke was touching her waist, his mouth aggressive and almost curt at her neck. This would be true, no deceptions.

She'd led him here instinctively, Sasuke took advantage of that, he knew very well she wanted to feel him against her...around her...inside her whenever she could, it was just this thing they had together - God, it was absolutely and utterly comical, they fucked almost animalistic, they were 'refined' and oh so intelligent and he was so very Type A these days - even showing up to a thing like this, Sakura knew he didn't give a good god damn about history, how dare he even try! - yet they still had time to do this, in the most obscure of places.

Naughty, naughty. She gave a sigh when he pulled down her underwear, pressed her against the board, face-first. You know the drill.

It was always the same. At least this was more predictable, than they themselves were.

Predictable, but Sakura -- she didn't like this, didn't like her body pressed up against the whiteboard, some strange blank dull place, and all those people, all so blissfully unaware, it was almost sick. Too sickening for her. Even she had her limits (didn't she?)

"Sasuke, come on-- no, I--aahhh." But the breath was sucked from her throat cleanly, he'd entered her already, it was painful. Like getting elbowed, like something intrusive but not quite horrible, it was wrong for her. But she could get to liking it if she tried. If she tried -- Sakura would try, despite how much this half-clothed, choppy kind union always killed her, she could try.

It was easier to try, with his breath hot against her neck, his hand cupping her chest and his lips biting harder at her skin, too-hard; a carousel of pleasure, just as she liked, and she knew this was true satisfaction for them both. Releasing the pressure they had already convinced themselves didn't exist about the entire thing, this stupid little affair. Win win win! It was always all about winning. No wonder they were stressed, no wonder they had to do this....

It wasn't as awful as she might have wanted it to be - it was getting better, with his chest pressed into her back, and how they quickly smoothed back into their rhythm, their pattern. But he was getting too thin, her suspicions confirmed when his shoulder pressed in to her back, deeply into the muscle of her back, painfully and ruthlessly sharp, when he thrust again and again and then it was done, no, once more - just once. Truly over after that.

Sakura breathed hard, heavy. The whiteboard stank of chemical, something like cleaner. She could hear Sasuke's uneven breathing. It was strange, stranger than usual - he wasn't breathing calm and deep, slow, or slowly enough. He wasn't himself now. She didn't feel herself either.

Her knees felt too weak. He caught her by the arm when she felt the numbness taking over, that pleasurable shakiness. It was the least he could do. A lack of comfort, a lack of warmth. There was semen on her inner thighs, her underwear was somewhere, she was tempted to grimace. They had only kissed once this time. New record.

At least they got something out of going here.

"I have to be judged. Soon." Sakura heard herself say. Big swallow. What had this all been for, anyway? Tense - she was tenser than ever. How ironic.

Sasuke was pulling up his pants. She could almost hear the shakes in his voice. (Pussy.) "Yeah, well. Go then." That usual bluntness.

"Yeah, Well...I'll go then." Voice colder, firmer now. No petty good-girl goodbye. Sakura didn't look back before walking out, alone. Slammed the door behind her.

(Though later on, she wouldn't even admit that she'd hoped he would lose, lose, lose, with all her pretty little heart.)
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ahzheejheiahzheejhei on July 11th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)

...I really don't know what else to say.

Shelby: Angelina I Tattoo I Shoulderrot_chan on July 12th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
♥ Thank you dear. I'm glad it made you speechless ;)