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31 December 2011 @ 11:14 pm
THE BLOOD JET IS POETRY. There is no stopping it.  

"Eternity bores me.....I never wanted it."

mcqueenA 2011 SCRAPBOOK.

MOVIES  watched:

♣ SALT - Angelina Jolie [5.0]
♣ GIA - Angelina Jolie [5.0]
NIRVANA: LIVE AT READING - Kurt, Dave & Krist [5.0]
♣ YOU AGAIN: lady from Halloween - [0.5] ... I was forced to. 
♣ BLADE RUNNER - Harrison Ford, Sean Young [5.0]
♣ BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE - Japanese animated horror [5.0]
♣ EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder [5.0]
♣ HEATHERS - Winona Ryder, Christian Slater [4.5]
♣ BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA - Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves [4.5]

BOOKS  read:

♣ "Contemporary American Poetry: 2nd Edition": with poems from Snodgrass, Bly, Sexton and Plath. Very interesting.
♣ Kurt Cobain: Journals. Read it if you listen, OK?
♣ Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams. 
by Lady Plath. Her literature is profound, striking, amazing as always.
The Hunger Games: I thought they were pretty good, OK considering they are YA literature. Don't take it personally, I am extremely critical and bitchy, with anything outside classics and 'grown-up' books.
♣ Madness: A Bipolar Life & Wasted: Can anyone depict sex, beauty, addiction, human vice, struggle and triumph over mental disorders better than Marya Hornbacher? She's just that good.
♣ The Bell Jar: Another re-read. Amazing, simply gorgeous, dark and striking; so symbolic, and at times haunting in how Esther so calmly narrates her descent into madness. 
♣ Short Stories of Graham Greene: Yes, it's the author from Donnie Darko :3 But I really enjoy his work. His pieces totally represent the numbed, disaffected post-WWII society he was living in. "The Destructors" is so amazing. 
♣ Vintage Science Fiction: A collection of vintage sci-fi, with works by King, Philip K. Dick, Bradbury and others. Little short stories and excerpts. Good sci-fi starter. 
♣ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: AKA Blade Runner with Harrison Ford, this is a really groundbreaking book for its time. I'm amazed that Philip K. Dick even thought of so many complex, futuristic things over 40 years ago. 

MUSIC and ARTISTS  discovered:

♣ The Sundays - a dream/synth pop from England, they have an utterly gorgeous vocalist. She's so dreamy sounding!  
♣ Nirvana - I've liked them since junior high. Recently I used their Live at Reading CD to study to my finals. An odd music choice for finals. (I'm odd.) I have a true appreciation for Kurt Cobain, his lyrics, journals. 
♣ Sex Pistols ... I forgot to add this group earlier. I appreciate their hardcore, chaotic, at times straightforward and humorous lyrics, Johnny's loud vocals, and of course Sid Vicious. 
♣ Sneaker Pimps - they're a 'trip-hop' group with rock and orchestral influences. I like their album "Becoming X" when they still had a female vocalist. I like the cello. 
♣ Yoko Kanno - old favorite. I like her music from all the best series, like Ghost In The Shell and Wolf's Rain. She's just gifted at creating profound music. 
♣ Juliana Hatfield - something about her makes me sad. She just sings these really heavy, hippie-ish songs. Really mellow but also deep at the same time. She sings about the truth of the matter, the world. 

SERIES  watched/watching:

♣ Naruto Shippuden: No more fillers! Yaaay. Also, yay Kage Summit and Sasuke's baacck :D
♣ Top Chef: All Stars. OMFG, it's over. Fuckin' over. Man. IT TOOK FOREVER TO BE OVER! Haha. 
♣ Project Runway.
Not currently on. I like Mondo, he should have won but I don't like saying things people already know. 

♣ Daria. Re-runs now airing on TV. I like the sarcasm and pop culture references, Daria & Jane's 90s-esque outfits.
Eden of the East. I like the psychological suspense of this series...an interesting anime with sweetness countered by modern issues and some violent events. 
♣ Blood Plus: I love this show. It's horror, it's some romance, it's a spin-off of the coolest movie ever, Blood: The Last Vampire.

ICON  favorites:


FICTION and POETRY  written:

♣ JANUARY 2011: Continuing my National Poetry Series project, an anthology with many different styles...it's a mish-mash, mix up, I hardly think they'll take it. I am my own critic that never sleeps, and has verbosity to an extreme degree
2011: The month has been hell. Injuries and the Plague galore but my writing has improved in semi-great strides. I am drawing more from the outside rather than in, and this is a good thing. I am finding balance which I needed. 

March 2011: Won a poetry contest! Great. Getting published, BRB ;D

Shelby: Ripped tightsrot_chan on January 3rd, 2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
That's a really good idea - I'll add that now :)

Maybe two and a half years ago, I started reading Naruto and a bunch of shounen manga in 8th grade, because I was like, 'ugghh, I'm tired of all this shoujo." [lol, at the time I'd never heard of NANA so I didn't know what amazing shoujo was.] Thus I picked up the internet's list of most popular shounen, like the first part of Naruto. I thought I'd hate it, but I actually found it very interesting and fun to read.

How did you get into it? I'm curious now! 8D
Samantha: sasuke u. ❝wounded avenger❞daisyulliel on January 3rd, 2011 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah! I wasn't too much into shoujo either until I got to reading Nana and Furuba. I think Nana blew my mind though and then, I started reading most of Ai Yazawa's works and I fell in love with shoujo. I got into Naruto because of Jac. It was a long time ago but she used to like this girl who watched Naruto and she wanted to talk to him about it so she went to watch it. And, I brushed it aside as "Stupid" at first but got eventually addicted. The first series was great :D
Shelby: Angelina Jolie I Tee-shirtrot_chan on January 3rd, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Fruits Basket was actually one of the first shoujo I ever read, but by 8th grade I finished it. So at the time, I was reading other shoujo I didn't like nearly as much like Skip Beat; thankfully in 9th grade I found NANA ♥

LOL...that's so weird, we both thought the same thing! It's true though, I mean, when you read the first-ever chapter of Naruto it doesn't seem immediately like it'll be good, but surprisingly it gets really good.