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31 December 2011 @ 11:14 pm
THE BLOOD JET IS POETRY. There is no stopping it.  

"Eternity bores me.....I never wanted it."

mcqueenA 2011 SCRAPBOOK.

MOVIES  watched:

♣ SALT - Angelina Jolie [5.0]
♣ GIA - Angelina Jolie [5.0]
NIRVANA: LIVE AT READING - Kurt, Dave & Krist [5.0]
♣ YOU AGAIN: lady from Halloween - [0.5] ... I was forced to. 
♣ BLADE RUNNER - Harrison Ford, Sean Young [5.0]
♣ BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE - Japanese animated horror [5.0]
♣ EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder [5.0]
♣ HEATHERS - Winona Ryder, Christian Slater [4.5]
♣ BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA - Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves [4.5]

BOOKS  read:

♣ "Contemporary American Poetry: 2nd Edition": with poems from Snodgrass, Bly, Sexton and Plath. Very interesting.
♣ Kurt Cobain: Journals. Read it if you listen, OK?
♣ Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams. 
by Lady Plath. Her literature is profound, striking, amazing as always.
The Hunger Games: I thought they were pretty good, OK considering they are YA literature. Don't take it personally, I am extremely critical and bitchy, with anything outside classics and 'grown-up' books.
♣ Madness: A Bipolar Life & Wasted: Can anyone depict sex, beauty, addiction, human vice, struggle and triumph over mental disorders better than Marya Hornbacher? She's just that good.
♣ The Bell Jar: Another re-read. Amazing, simply gorgeous, dark and striking; so symbolic, and at times haunting in how Esther so calmly narrates her descent into madness. 
♣ Short Stories of Graham Greene: Yes, it's the author from Donnie Darko :3 But I really enjoy his work. His pieces totally represent the numbed, disaffected post-WWII society he was living in. "The Destructors" is so amazing. 
♣ Vintage Science Fiction: A collection of vintage sci-fi, with works by King, Philip K. Dick, Bradbury and others. Little short stories and excerpts. Good sci-fi starter. 
♣ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: AKA Blade Runner with Harrison Ford, this is a really groundbreaking book for its time. I'm amazed that Philip K. Dick even thought of so many complex, futuristic things over 40 years ago. 

MUSIC and ARTISTS  discovered:

♣ The Sundays - a dream/synth pop from England, they have an utterly gorgeous vocalist. She's so dreamy sounding!  
♣ Nirvana - I've liked them since junior high. Recently I used their Live at Reading CD to study to my finals. An odd music choice for finals. (I'm odd.) I have a true appreciation for Kurt Cobain, his lyrics, journals. 
♣ Sex Pistols ... I forgot to add this group earlier. I appreciate their hardcore, chaotic, at times straightforward and humorous lyrics, Johnny's loud vocals, and of course Sid Vicious. 
♣ Sneaker Pimps - they're a 'trip-hop' group with rock and orchestral influences. I like their album "Becoming X" when they still had a female vocalist. I like the cello. 
♣ Yoko Kanno - old favorite. I like her music from all the best series, like Ghost In The Shell and Wolf's Rain. She's just gifted at creating profound music. 
♣ Juliana Hatfield - something about her makes me sad. She just sings these really heavy, hippie-ish songs. Really mellow but also deep at the same time. She sings about the truth of the matter, the world. 

SERIES  watched/watching:

♣ Naruto Shippuden: No more fillers! Yaaay. Also, yay Kage Summit and Sasuke's baacck :D
♣ Top Chef: All Stars. OMFG, it's over. Fuckin' over. Man. IT TOOK FOREVER TO BE OVER! Haha. 
♣ Project Runway.
Not currently on. I like Mondo, he should have won but I don't like saying things people already know. 

♣ Daria. Re-runs now airing on TV. I like the sarcasm and pop culture references, Daria & Jane's 90s-esque outfits.
Eden of the East. I like the psychological suspense of this series...an interesting anime with sweetness countered by modern issues and some violent events. 
♣ Blood Plus: I love this show. It's horror, it's some romance, it's a spin-off of the coolest movie ever, Blood: The Last Vampire.

ICON  favorites:


FICTION and POETRY  written:

♣ JANUARY 2011: Continuing my National Poetry Series project, an anthology with many different styles...it's a mish-mash, mix up, I hardly think they'll take it. I am my own critic that never sleeps, and has verbosity to an extreme degree
2011: The month has been hell. Injuries and the Plague galore but my writing has improved in semi-great strides. I am drawing more from the outside rather than in, and this is a good thing. I am finding balance which I needed. 

March 2011: Won a poetry contest! Great. Getting published, BRB ;D

phaeron: Shin Cellphone // NANAphaeron on January 3rd, 2011 05:04 am (UTC)
I agree 100%. People and their silly comments, ugh. XD Yes, I've seen Foxfire. I don't remember her acting, I just remember disliking that movie so badly. In fact, it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I've also seen Girl Interrupted. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. I could really identify/relate to her character. She was really amazing in that movie and deserved her Oscar. I've seen most of her movies played in the 2000s, but IDK if they're considered "old". XD What about you? Have you seen her "old" movies, except for Gia? :)
Shelby: Ren + NANArot_chan on January 3rd, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have seen Foxfire. I actually liked it a little bit. XD I liked it only because I am a huge Joyce Carol Oates fan, and I was excited that they even bothered to make an adaptation of her book "Foxfire" at all. I must admit that they didn't really stay true to the book and they could've done so much more.

Girl, Interrupted has to be my all-time favorite 'old' movie of Angelina's. I love it so much. 8]] I've never seen such incredible acting from an actress before.

I also plan to watch Hackers and the Bone Collector, but I just haven't had a chance to get those movies.